Secretary General: Gabriel Epstein

Gabriel is a current junior studying Political Science and Statistics. He enjoys a good burger with fries and loves that the United Nations connects the developing and the developed world. He also believes that the UN is capable of accelerating the overall economic and social development of all human civilizations.

Director General: Sabrina Suen

Sabrina is a current sophomore studying Political Science. She wishes she could be a panda because she loves to sleep. She loves the idea that MUN gives people the opportunity to learn strategies to fix real world issues.

Assistant Director General: Megan Eu

Megan is a current sophomore studying Political Science and Japanese. Her dream vacation spot would be Okinawa, Japan and her advice to new delegates would be to talk to as many people as possible! It’s a great way to learn what’s happening and find people with similar ideas.

Chief of Staff: Aidan Killackey

Aidan is a current senior studying Political Science. This is his third year with WASMUN. He is also president of UW’s college MUN club and is active staffing regional and national collegiate MUN conferences. His signature piece of clothing is a UN sweatshirt. For first time delegates, his advice is to not worry about knowing everything, but to know a lot about a little as only by working together can you give value to your knowledge.

USG of Logistics: Gavin Hashimoto

Gavin is a current senior studying International Studies. He enjoys hiking, cooking, and reading, and admires the United Nations for being a vital forum for international cooperation.

USG of Finances: Jiani Wang

Jiani is a current sophomore studying International Studies. For a good time she enjoys eating tacos and watching Doctor Who. Her advice for first time delegates is to “be boundless for boundless diplomacy”.

USG of Information Technology: Stephen Rimbakusumo

Stephen graduated in 2016 and majored in History. His guilty pleasure is cute plushies and would like to quote Athen Nguyen (former UW-MUN president): “Don’t be worried if you don’t know anything. 97% of delegates don’t either and of that 3% that do, 2% are your dais.”

USG of Public Relations: Teya McGuire

Teya is a current freshman who wants to study International Studies and/or Business. In her free time, she enjoys photography and eating out with friends. She is interested in MUN because of the fact that so many people of different cultures are able to come together to solve world issues.

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