Washington State Model UN

Washington State Model United Nations: March 4 - March 5, 2017

Delegate Resources

Preparing for the Conference

Washington State Model United Nations offers an annual Delegate Preparation Guide to assist advisers, delegation leadership, and delegates in preparing for the conference. The Delegate Preparation Guide includes helpful information for delegates regarding research, position papers, rules of procedure, debate, and draft resolutions, among other tips. Below are links to the 2017 Delegate Preparation Guide and other useful documents.

Delegations seeking further assistance on substantive matters should contact the Director- and/or Assistant Director-General at dg@wasmun.org and adg@wasmun.org.


This Year’s Committees and Topics:

Accepted Draft Resolutions are available to view here

General Assembly Third Committee (GA3) [Background Guide PDF]

Topic 1: Promoting Access to Education to Women and Children in Refugee Camps

Topic 2: Protecting the Human Rights of Indigenous Persons

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) [Background Guide PDF]

Topic 1: Addressing the Link Between Poverty and Environmental Sustainability

Topic 2: Combating Human Trafficking Through International Cooperation

UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) [Background Guide PDF]

Topic 1: Rebuilding Urban Infrastructure in Post-Conflict Areas

Topic 2: Addressing Urban Issues in National Climate Change Policies

UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants – Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (UNHCR-UNSRM) [Background Guide PDF]

**UNHCR-UNSRM Explanatory Note**

1. Reception and Admission

2. Support for Immediate and Ongoing Needs

3. Support for Host Countries and Communities

4. Durable Solutions

5. The Way Forward

Human Rights Council – Universal Periodic Review (HRC-UPR) [Background Guide PDF]

**HRC-UPR Explanatory Note**

Day 1: Philippines

Day 2: United Kingdom

International Court of Justice (ICJ) [Background Guide PDF]

Topic 1: Costa Rica v. Nicaragua

Topic 2: Iran v. United States



Committee Staff are vital to any delegate’s WASMUN experience. Get to know your staff, listed below, below by emailing them at:

WASMUN 2017 Staff

General Assembly Third Committee (GA3)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

UN Human Settlements Programme


UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants 


Human Rights Council- Universal Periodic Review


International Court of Justice



Mark Orines

Dario Nanbu

Freeman Halle

Isabel Nelson

Alex Wirth

Pat Mehigan

Assistant Director

Alex McKennon

Aidan Killackey

EJ Velasco

Jon Schaeffer

Gillian Lait

Mary Moeller

Lizzy Staal


 Andrew Stearns

(*Special Rapporteur for GA3*)

Gabriel Espstein

Oliver Daniels-Pavich

Lorilyn Ignao

Rachael Turner